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Mathia's Profile

  • Loyalty, duty, respect, and integrity: These four core Army values were instilled in Mathias when he joined the Minnesota National Guard at age 17, quickly learning the true meaning of The National Guard motto: “Always Ready, Always There!” Mathias served his country for eight years as an Infantryman. Through his hard work, determination, continuous training, and learning; Mathias quickly climbed the ranks becoming the top-rated non-commissioned officer as a team leader within his platoon. He was soon recognized for being among the best and most outstanding squad leaders within the company where he received an award due to his distinguished efforts. Aside from Mathias’ time in the military, as a scholar, maintaining a drive for continuous learning remains a priority. Mathias achieved his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls where he majored in Exercise and Sport Science, and also completed a minor in Spanish. Before graduation, Mathias also became a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the accreditation of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The ACSM advances and integrates scientific research in order to provide practical applications of exercise science and education to people around the world in order to live longer healthier lives. Following his Bachelor’s Degree, Mathias desired a "Change in Attitude”, and realized that a "Change in Latitude" was the proper direction. Mathias charted a course for Central Florida, and leaving the ranks of the military he joined a new force; one dedicated to helping others find their dream homes within The Sunshine State: Changing Latitudes Real Estate. With Changing Latitudes, he joined one of the leading brokerage firms in Central Florida. Led by Carrie Courtney, a member of the National Association of Expert Advisors™ as well as a HomeLight Elite Agent, along with her husband Dave Courtney, a Property Manager and former exclusive RE/MAX Hall of fame inductee, opened Changing Latitudes in 2012 and find success in surpassing expectations, as well as cultivating the best and brightest for the future of the industry. Mathias became a home buyer’s agent who helps others locate and buy property, and is extremely loyal to each of his buyers. He devotes himself to actively listening to what his future buyers' needs are and locates the perfect property that fits their criteria. Mathias treats everyone with the utmost respect throughout the home buying process. Moral and ethical principles are important to Mathias, and he always places the welfare of his clients above a sale by having integrity and honesty. Backed by a team with over 100 years of experience in Real Estate, Mathias is enthusiastic about helping future home buyers, whether it be their first time buying, a retirement home, relocation, or an investment property; Mathias is always ready, always there! 

Savanna's Profile

  •  Savanna Escobar is a born and raised Florida native, a flight attendant, and a second-generation Realtor who has spent her entire upbringing and everyday life around the business of the real estate. She was born with the desire to help others find their dream homes throughout Central Florida. Even at a young age, Savanna would attend showings with her mother Carrie Courtney, a member of the National Association of Expert Advisors™ as well as a Premier Zillow and HomeLight Elite Agent. She fell in love with watching families walk in through the front door and have their faces light up when they knew they had found their perfect home. The knowledge in knowing her mother had helped these families find their dream homes where new chapters in their life would start and memories would be made throughout the upcoming years ignited her desire to become a Real Estate Agent herself. Along with being a home matchmaker, she also enjoys the beautiful wonders of the world and traveling. Savanna became a flight attendant to experience different cultures and explore the natural beauties discovered throughout countries worldwide. Regardless of being a flight attendant, she is very down to Earth. When Savanna is not flying and finally has some time to herself after working endlessly to find that perfect home for her buyers, she enjoys a glass of sweet wine and relaxing with her family. She also loves reading a good mystery book on the beach while listening to the crashing of the waves. Savanna has a remarkable ability to pay attention to the emotions of her buyers and fully understands what it is they are looking for in their future home. She has a wealth of knowledge on the areas throughout Central Florida, is enthusiastic about helping others, and is backed by the 20+ years of experience that her mother, Carrie Courtney, provides.