You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Q: How do I go about applying? 

A: Just go to the RENTAL APPLICATION page, pay your application fee and fill out online application. Be prepared to email your Photo ID and last two paycheck stubs, showing year to date income, as well as anything else you would like to offer for us to consider in the processing of your application, like child support. Please email this information to rentals@changinglatitudestx.

Q: I already have a copy of my credit report, do I still have to pay an application fee? 
 Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, we are unable to accept previous credit and background

Q: I have a bankruptcy, will this hurt my chances of qualifying? 
 Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applicants with open bankruptcies. 

Q: Can I speak to someone about my credit situation before applying and wasting the application
 Most Certainly! If you don’t see the specific thing you are concerned about in our Resident Selection Criteria Page, feel free to call and ask. However, we are not able to give you an approval or denial based on the verbal information you provide to us. In other words, you have to decide whether or not to spend the application fee as it is non-refundable. 

Q: There is 3 of us applying, but
one of us has bad credit; can we just apply with the other 2? 
 Unfortunately, every adult
who will be occupying the property must make application, regardless of income.

Q: What does it take to be approved with Changing Latitudes Property Management? 
A: We look at four categories for making application: credit, income verification and mortgage or rental
payment history as well as criminal. Please visit the Resident Selection Criteria Page of our website for more details.

Q: What if I dont have a drivers license? 
 We do not require a driver’s license, only a state-issued photo id.

Q: Are pets allowed? 
 Property owners determine whether or not pets are approved. Check with us for the particular property you are interested in to see if they are allowed.

Q: Based on the qualifications, I wouldn't qualify, may I get a cosigner? 
 Cosigners are welcome IF they qualify AND if the applicant’s reason for not qualifying are based on lack
of credit or rental history, not because the applicants credit is bad.

Q: Can you ask the landlord if they will provide lawn service? I don't have a lawnmower. 
 There is rare occasion where the landlord provides lawn service. Since most of our properties are
single family homes (condos and townhomes typically include lawn service), it is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain the lawn. We will happily assist you in finding a lawn care service, at your expense.

Q: I am looking to move in 6 months, can you hold this house for me? 
 We happily hold a house off the market for up to 30 days with an approved application and a reservation fee equal to one month’s rent.

FAQs Pertaining to Lease

Q: My lease expiration is coming up and I want to move out. 
For more information, please visit our Lease Renewal Page.

Q: My situation has changed, if you find a replacement tenant, will you let me out
without penalty? 
 Unfortunately, we are required to uphold all the provisions of the lease, including early
termination provision. Please check your lease for the specifics of your contract.

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